“I am thrilled that Justin Young is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer carrying on the Zig Ziglar Legacy.  Justin’s background and business success combined with his track record of integrity will allow him to impact individuals and businesses in his community and across the globe.”   

 -Tom Ziglar, CEO Ziglar Inc. 

 “Justin is a charismatic young man who offers valuable insight into the varied aspects of both professional and personal growth dynamics. He has experienced the highs, and lows, from business and from life; which help him develop a rapore with leaders at all levels of your management chain. Justin is able to speak with confidence, with authority, with humor and with empathy making him an ideal speaker for your organization. If you're a Chamber, church, non-profit or corporation, take advantage of his training, his ability and his zeal for you to fulfill all you're capable of being and accomplishing.”  

-Crawford Powell, Southeast Sales- Owner Impact Development Group-Principal Lowndes County Commissioner 2010-2014 

"JUSTIN Young, wow what can I say. He is such a dynamic and authentic young man. I am so excited to see what the future holds for him. His wisdom is beyond his years and his presentation skills as he speaks and presents are fantastic. He speaks with such conviction and power yet very humorist too."

 -Phillip Hatfield

Speaker/Author, Executive and Business Coach 


"I have had the extraordinary privilege of listening to Justin Young speak several times. Each time, I was impressed with his ability to connect with the audience before him. If you are looking for a speaker that can entertain, inspire and motivate do not hesitate to contact Justin Young!"

-David Kauffman, President of Empowering Small Business and Edge Advisory Group


“I am extremely proud to recommend J. Justin Young to any organization that wants the best training available from a man whose character and integrity are a reflection of my father’s, Zig Ziglar. Justin will deliver what your organization needs and wants in a way that will improve business, as well as the personal lives of those doing the business. “

-Julie Ziglar Norman, Author/Speaker and proud daughter of Zig Ziglar


“I consider Justin Young to be a man of integrity and a true professional. I have personally watched Justin give talks at Ziglar Headquarters and he is a dynamic and polished speaker. His words flow with passion & purpose and he connects with his audience in a very powerful way. Justin is an honorable man who lives what he breathes. When you are looking at impacting lives through messages of inspiration, education and hope, consider Justin Young. “

-Mike Rodriguez - Professional Speaker, Sales Trainer & Author with The Ziglar Corporation